Re: You're in luck! 1 HHO steamer machine for free

Dear friends

HHO Carbon Clean machine is a new technology for engine maintenance.

Only one who use hho gas mixed with cleaner agent, special technology with special market.

Only 20 mins per car, improve effiency of service and give customer satisfied service.

After cleaning, it can enhance engine power, reduce emission, fuel cost and engine noisy.

With 17 years experience, Kingkar specialized in the Eco-friendly technology and bring customer more benefit.

This is the first email use for test, after get your reply will send you more information.

Best wishes


Re: would you mind give me a reply? 323078AA-5AFC-4ADF-B7CA-FFD38933AB4B


Goclean steam car wash machine
1.A  360°comprehensive cleaning(inside&outside), providing you with a healthy and comfortable driving experience

2.It can kill your car’s bacterial and unpleasant smell by using high temperature vapor and wash it away by high pressure

3.Only using 2L water and 2KW electricity with no chemical to clean your car, 
 which is environmental friendly to your car paint and hand.

Could you tell me how do you clean your car now?
I am waiting for your reply

best wish

Lavado de autos, consume menos y mucho ingreso. A20D1E0D-899A-40E4-B7A9-69698C5B381B

Dear Manager,


This is Carrie from KingKar company.


I am writing to you to invite you to be one of city distributor or sole distributor of GOCLEAN steam car wash machine.


What is GOCLEAN steam car wash machine?

Money saver:  

a: No shampoo for car cleaning --- no shampoo cost

b: 2- 5 liters water for 1 car cleaning --- less water cost

c: No waste water--- no water treatment cost


More details I can introduce to you in details.  Please email me back if you get our my email.


Best regards,


?5 horas por auto limpiando profundamente y esperar a que se seque? 9638F59E-1BF2-48DC-8276-2939ED43CAC3

Dear Manager,


Thanks for your interest in GOCLEAN steamer car wash machine distributor.

GOCLEAN steamer is a new way for car wash without any shampoo consumption.

Every city only one distributor, after you being distributor, you will get:


1. Large amount of profit
2. Credit machine
3. New website
4. Advertisement supporting
5. Professional team for service
6. Free machine for maintenance
7. Continuous business (Priority of KingKar new arrival)


As long as you become our distributor, you will get what you can't imagine.


Reply back, get best offer.


Best regards,



Re:Hey! Here I find a new way for car care!

Hello Manager,

Well noted you are professional in car washing industry, are you interested in do new business using below washing way to make you are difference with your competitors?

GOCLEAN car steamer can bring some benefits to car, human and enviornment,
1. Individual dry steam to clean car interior and wet steam to clean car exterior at the same time, saving the cleaning time,
2. GOCLEAN machine with 10 safety systems to ensure zero accident,
3. Invest less and higher profit...

Please reply me for more details, thanks.

Best regards

Lotus CHAN


Re:Hey! Here I find a new way for car care!

Dear Manager,
How are you.
This is Kelly from GOCLEAN car steamer.
In 2019, more and more countries are making new policy to protect the water resource and environment, 
so new car wash method needed for car wash industry.
Steam car wash is the new technology car wash method, 
which use the high temperature and high pressure steam to wash cars, you will be the first one if you use it now.
Please contact us for more GOCLEAN demo videos.

Re: Earn money


We are glad to introduce one new business and new technologies in the world: The first one in the world using HHO gas and HHO liquid cleaner.

Generally Hydrogen carbon clean is shallow,no effect and cost much time.

HHO Carbon Cleaner can double clean engine,obvious effect and save time.

In this month the agent who ordered five machines, we have presented a plan to promote the program of 100 kinds of books.

New business and new distributor are waiting for you.

Please reply me your whatsapp!
You can get carbon cleaning effects videos and more detailed information.

Best regards,

Re: Double car wash

Hello Manager,

Are you interested in do new business using below car washing way to make you are difference with your competitors?

GOCLEAN car steamer can bring some benefits to car, human and enviornment,

1. It is car bacteria killer without any chemicals,

2. 360° comprehensive cleaning car and 100% make sure the cleaning effect,

3. Cleaning each car just need 2 liters water and 2KW/H electric, cost less,

Please reply me for more details, thanks.

Best regards

Lotus CHAN

A highly profitable automotive service

Dear Manager,

How are you,this is goclean steam car wash machine


Now we have the new wayCompared to the traditional way


Steam car wash has the following advantages

1.Steam car wash for an 7-15mins/car/person

2.2L water/car, 2KW/H electricity

3.Water & electricity only, no chemical, no pollution

4.360°comprehensive clean, interior and exterior


now steam car wash is becoming more and more popular in the market nowPlease contact us for more details

best wish



Re: Give me a chance to know you C89340B3-5B93-4889-A80F-8328E0D30033

Dear Manager,

Are you looking for new business in auto industry?
Do you know GOCLEAN steam car washing machine before? It is a profitable business!


1.The car owner love it, because no chemical for cleaning, high efficient, good performance and healthy,

2.The workshop owner love it, because lower consumption, higher profit, (Clean one just 2 liters water)

3.The new business man love it, because they can use this machine do door to door car cleaning service,

4.The government love it, because water saving, no chemical using when car cleaning,

5.The real business man love it, because it is the trend of car washing way, it is a profitable business, each machine can earn at least USD2000.


For more information please contact us anytime.

Best regards

Lotus CHAN

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